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Inspection Services

A home inspection provides you with an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house from the roof to the foundation. There are many times when an inspection can give you an advantage.

Let your inspector spot deficient areas (new and old), before you commit to such a major investment and decision. A trained professional will provide invaluable help in turning you into a knowledgeable consumer. Home owners can identify potential problems and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. Sellers can understand conditions the buyer’s inspector may point out and put the property in better selling condition by making repairs.

If you are buying a home, getting a home inspection means you will know valuable information to address any deficient areas before you buy a home. The best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have a professional home inspection. Home inspectors are trained to identify deficient areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which require immediate attention. 

Buyers: New Build Warranty 
If you have recently purchased a new home from a builder and the one year "builder warranty" is about to expire, a professional home inspection will let you know whether there are areas to address prior to the warranty expiration. You will be reassured knowing that potential problems were addressed before they grew into something that could cost you a great deal down the road.
If you are selling a home, getting a home inspection means you know you are complying with full disclosure laws, and if necessary you can consider selecting contractors rather than waiting for the buyer to do so. Whether you are selling your home on your own or using a realtor, it’s always a prudent idea to have a professional home inspection because all homes have strengths and weaknesses and knowing these will help you during the negotiation process.

Environmental Testing Services
At the request of our clients, we provide environmental testing for an additional fee. We test for mold and radon; and will provide you with a detailed report including the element's level of presence in your home. Samples are collected by our home inspectors and sent to a certified laboratory to perform the tests.